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Commitment ibomma, Commitment Movierulz

Commitment Movie 2022  Review: Currently, the word commitment is a problem that many women face.. Some women bravely bring their experiences to light.. Others face the problem alone.. From that emerged.. MeToo Movement. Director Laxmikant Chenna made the movie Commitment (Commitment Review) taking this point.

This director, who was already popular with the movie 'Hyderabad Nawabs', became a successful director in 2008 with the movie 'Ninna Nadu Repu'. He did not do another project after that. Now Laxmikant Chenna has come to the audience to test his luck once again with the same director 'Commitment Movie'.. This movie Commitment (Commitment Movie Release) was released in theaters on August 15. So let's take a look at the review to see if this movie is appealing to the audience.

This is the storyline:

Commitment.. the word most heard from the victims of sexual abuse.. This is the life story of five girls who try to achieve something while imagining a beautiful life.. The storyline is about the problems faced by five girls who struggle to achieve their goals in life.. In this (a sexologist, a teenage girl, a student, Junior Doctor, Movie Heroine) These five face the same problem in their life. Some people sexually abuse them. They force you to give a commitment. How these five girls were able to face such a problem is the original story..

Commitment ibomma, Commitment Movierulz
Commitment Movie

Who are the actors (Movie Cast):

Starring Anveshi Jain, Tejaswi Madiwada, Ramya Kuraleti, Srinath Maganti, Raja Ravindra, Amit Tiwari, Simar Singh, Tanishk Rajan, Surya Srinivas. Laxmikant Chenna directed this movie. Baldev Singh and Neelima Thaduri produced the movie. Praveen Pudi was the editor while Naresh Kumaran provided the music. Cinematography is also provided by Sajeesh Rajendran and Naresh Rana.

Commitment Movie Review: How is the movie so far? :

This Me Too movement is a movement undertaken by all the women who face sexual harassment.. The entire film is about the Me Too movement. Most of the scenes are highly relatable to the mass audience. But, the lack of a strong storyline in the movie should also be said as a minus point. Feels like the real point is missed. Although the story point was interesting.. it failed to engage the audience on the silver screen. In the case of the movie, it would have been better if the taking was stronger.

Among those five girls, Tejaswi Madiwada was impressed with her performance. Ramya didn't mind being yellow. The other actors did well in their roles. But in this movie, Skin show adult scenes that seem to be more focused. The feeling that it is too much can be felt in the audience. However, other actors in the movie, Amit Tiwari and Raja Ravindra impressed with their performances. Technically, the movie is not very impressive.

The background score by music director Naresh Kumaran is impeccable. But, the songs are not that impressive. The cinematography by Naresh Rana and Sajeesh Rajendran is not great. The production values ​​of the movie are poor. It can be said that director Laxmikant Chenna has not been able to deliver this movie to the extent expected in engaging the audience. All in all, this commitment movie has a mass audience and those who are interested in adult scenes can go to the theater and enjoy the movie.

Commitment ibomma, Commitment Movierulz

Commitment movie

Review & Rating : 2.9/5

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