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Exposed Web Series is a recently released web series on Disney Plus Hotstar OTT. Produced by director K. Raghavendra Rao. Of the total 80 episodes of this series, five have been released so far. Five will be released every Thursday. How is this web series going to be? How were the first five episodes?

Story (Exposed Web Series Story): Greeshma (Harshita) and Akash (Chennamaneni Vasudeva Rao) are husband and wife. Not only that... News presenters on the Exposed 24 channel. Everyone, including the CEO and Chief Editor, showered praises on Greeshman saying 'You are the face of the channel' and 'You are the reason for TRP'. At that time a new girl Varsha (Shirisha Nulu) joins as an anchor in the Exposed 24 channel. 

After her arrival, the news falls on Greeshma, who reads the news. In the office, things go to gossip channels. Who carries the news from here to there? Why is Greeshma lying in the swimming pool as a lost creature? Who caused her death? What is the background of Varsha's seemingly innocent life? These things will be known by watching the series.

Exposed Review: In the background of media, especially news channels, fewer movies and web series have come out in Telugu. The affairs behind the TV screen have been brought to light. The story and stories in 'Exposed' are no different. Since only five episodes have been released so far... it is not correct to make an estimate by looking at these.

Exposed Web Series Movierulz
Exposed Web Seres/Disney Plus Hotstar

Whose character is in the five episodes? It was established. It was told that Varsha stepped on the channel to take revenge on Greeshma. Greeshma is shown dead. It is shown that the husband feels that he is losing his identity with the growth of his wife. But... who is responsible for Greeshma's death? How did Grisma cause the death of Varsha's father? Things are kept in suspense. Let's see how the character of Bigg Boss Jaswanth Jessie will be in the upcoming episodes.

Director Vijay Krishna has created the necessary setup for a good thriller. However, it is not good to design some characters as if the media means sexual affairs. It remains to be seen what will be done after this. The outcome of the web series depends on the rest of the episodes. The more enthusiastically they are carried forward, the more successful they will be. Since it is a web series, the production cost is limited. So is the technical output.

How did the actors do? : Chennamaneni Vasudeva Rao, Harshita, Shirisha Nulu, RJ Kajal, Karuna Bhushan, Avan Skyes... all acted according to the scenes. Unless they were doing something... no one did anything great. Such an opportunity did not come. Chennamaneni Vasudeva Rao has done serials in the past. Let's see if that acting experience will be seen in the upcoming episodes. Harshita's performance as a news presenter is natural. RJ Kajal has done well in the role of Chief Editor.

Finally what? : The characters were exposed in the first five episodes of 'Exposed'. A little bit of interest has been created in the story! 80 episodes so it is like a serial. The minus of the series is the absence of actors known to the majority of the audience. If you intend to watch the new episodes coming every Thursday from now on, try to watch this five times.

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