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Prey Movierulz
Prey 2022

The Alien and Predator series need not be mentioned for those who watch alien movies in Hollywood. They set a benchmark in creature-based movies. The latest movie in this series is 'Prey'. The movie was released directly on DisneyPlus Hotstar OTT on Friday. And how is this movie? A waste of time? Time passed?

Story (Prey Movie Plot): This story takes place in 1719. That means it is a prequel to the previous Alien and Predator series movies. The film is set in the background of the tribes of the Great Flatlands of North America. A predator kills native animals and tribal people. All the people in the tribe think that it is the work of wild animals. 

But Naru (Amber Midthunder) says that this is the work of a strange creature. But none of them believe it. So Naru sets out alone to prove this point. What happened in the end? Can Naruto stand alone against such a powerful predator? To know these things, you have to take a look at 'Pray'.

Analysis: Making a creature beast movie is like the edge of a sword. Along with the story and narration, the graphics should also be perfect. When it comes to making a film straight to OTT, Hollywood studios are very strict about the budget. The quality is the same for theater movies and the same for OTT movies. 

Prey Movierulz
Prey 2022

Studios like Amazon and Netflix can be exempted from this. In 'Pray', the budget was saved by applying makeup to a man rather than creating a strange creature exclusively through graphics. A big plus point is that the graphics are not compliant at any stage.

Also, the run time of the movie is only one hour and 39 minutes. With this, the screenplay itself was written more tightly. It is very interesting to see how a young woman can face a powerful predator-like alien alone. The movie picks up speed from when Naru goes into the jungle to confront the Predator. The scenes where Naru confronts the predator with intelligence are impressive.

The film is also technically excellent. Director Dan Trachtenberg has directed the movie brilliantly. Jeff Cutter's camera work takes us back to that time. Sarah Shaner's music fits the mood of the movie. Build values ​​are good.

And when it comes to the actors... Amber Midthunder, who played the role of Naru, is perfect in it. Dakota Beavers who appeared as the Predator... nailed the body language required for the role. All the other actors did justice to their roles.

Overall... If you want to sit at home and watch a good thrilling movie this weekend, 'Pray' is a good option for you. The movie can be streamed in English and Hindi languages ​​on DisneyPlus Hotstar.

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