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Thegimpu ibomma

Thegimpu Movie Review: Ajith starrer Tamil movie 'Thunivu' (Thunivu Review). It is translated as 'Thegimpu' (Thegimpu Review) in Telugu. After Hindi hit 'Pink' Tamil remake 'Nerkonda Parvai', 'Valimai' is a hat-trick film in Ajith and director H Vinod combination. How about this movie released today in Tamil and Telugu as Sankranti?

Thegimpu Movie Story

Reserve Bank allows you to keep 1000 crore cash in your bank locker in Visakha. Contrary to those regulations, you have to pay Rs. 500 crores deposits will be taken. The Assistant Commissioner (Ajay) plans to steal the money. However, the dark devil network chief (Ajith) takes control of his men who went into the bank. 

Who are the masterminds behind the plan to steal money as the story progresses? Who is behind Assistant Commissioner? comes out. Who are they? Who is Ramani (Manju Warrier), a team member supporting the dark devil network outside the bank? Why did they look at the money in the bank? How did the scam come out from 500 crores to 25 thousand crores? You have to watch the movie to know.

Thegimpu ibomma

Thegimpu Movie Analysis

If you look at the trailer of 'Tegimpu'... it will be an out and out action entertainer. 'Have you no shame?' That means saying 'no', the negative shade role is reminiscent of the 'gambler' days. With that, Ajith's fans made predictions about this 'break'. If you look at the first half... director H. on giving them the stuff they want. Vinod seems focused.

The story in the first half of 'Tegimpu' is not much. But, as each character was established, a curiosity was maintained that something was going to happen. Director Vinod seems to be following meme pages very well. The meme references, the process of calling customer care, the voice at the end of the mutual funds ad, Ajith's talk is good. At work, some satires were also made on the media. When it comes to the original story and the scenes after the break, the audience starts getting disappointed.

How did a person expose the white collar criminal who blocked the bank and scammed thousands of crores? is the 'interruption' basic storyline. Remember the theme of 'Government's Song'? But... Mahesh Babu's movie treatment is different. 'Cutting' treatment is different. The director has made it as a full action thriller. 

If not... some similarities can be seen. Firstoff is also similar to the '9 Hours' web series (based on Malladi's novel '9 Hours'). Story line aside... 'Beast' is the same! In that movie, the hero fights in a mall. In this, the hero stays in the bank and fights. The theme, action mood seems to be the same.

Thegimpu ibomma

Vinod designed the hero's getup and mannerisms keeping Ajith's stardom in mind. He did not concentrate on the story. Passed with firstoff action blocks & comedy. The second half starts with an unnecessary song, then the flash back episodes are in regular format and feel boring. In the climax, however, logic is thrown aside. They created havoc in the name of action.

Coming to technical matters... cinematography is ok. Background music by Gibran is good. Kirrak gave RR in some scenes. Songs are not liked by Telugu audience.

How did the actors do it? : There is fire in Ajith's performance. If a negative shade rolls, they will explode. The first half showed superb style and mannerisms like a hero appearing in a villain type. They went ahead in terms of character in the second half as well. Steps in the bank and Villainy Smile fans will love it. Heroines have less space in commercial movies. 

Manju Warrior's screen space is less in this too. However... she was not limited to songs and romantic scenes with the hero. Thanks to the director for that. Manju Warrier performed well in limited screen space. The fight sequence is good. Samudrakhani, Ajay, John Kokken and others are regular roles. But, set in the story. The actor who played the role of the bank manager laughs in some scenes.

Finally what? : 'Cut' only for Ajith Veera fans. It is for action lovers, for those who enjoy any action on the screen! If the first half is action... the tone, mood of the second half of the movie goes towards the overall message. The director fails to balance the two. The film is good when Ajith does dances and fights without stepping into the original story (fast). After stepping into the story, it was a mess. Got a routine message.

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