Sir ibomma | Dhanush's 'Sir' 2023 Telugu Dubbed Movie Detailed Review

Sir Movie Review: Lately, many combinations of Tamil heroes and Telugu directors have come to the screen. The movie Sir was also opened in such a combination. Telugu director Venky Atluri has simultaneously released the Tamil movie Vaathi and the Telugu movie Saar in the Tamil star hero Dhanush combination. 

The film, which is a bilingual film, is releasing worldwide on 17th February. But a day earlier, premiere shows were held in two Telugu states. Let's see how this movie is in the review

Sir Movie Story is:

The entire story unfolds from the perspective of Annavaram Satyanarayanamurthy (Sumanth). Some guys come to Satyanarayanamurthy, an IAS officer, looking for a man. Murthy starts telling about him after realizing that the person is not the one who made him reach this level, the lecturer Balagangadhar Tilak. 

Balagangadhar Tilak (Dhanush), a junior lecturer at a private college, thinks that if he is a senior lecturer in his life, he can educate many people. In the year 2000, if the government is going to bring a bill to reduce the influence of the private junior colleges that are emerging from the engineering colleges, all the private colleges will adopt the government colleges and take some of them who are working as junior lecturers and appoint them as lecturers. 

If they do it with the intention of not studying properly, 45 students in the village named Siripuram will pass the first year with excellent marks. Due to this, Tripathi (Samudrakhani), the owner of private colleges, tries to prevent the boy from studying. 

He also causes many problems, how did Balu sir educate all those children at such a time? How did all the children study with the lessons given by Balagangadhar Tilak despite being expelled from the village? What is the role of Meenakshi(Syukta Menon) in these developments? That is the story of this movie.

Sir Movie Analysis:

The director Venky Atluri, who opened the film as a bold move, later took it forward in a way that created expectations among the audience. First, he arouses the interest of the audience as to who AS Murthy is by saying that he is an IAS officer, and then immediately he arouses the interest of Balagangadhar Tilak alias Balu. 

Balagangadhar Tilak has taken everyone into the story to fall in love with his character. First off the entire character of Balagangadhar Tilak, and his efforts to make children interested in education are shown. Similarly, Hyper Adi's comedy tracks with another Tamil actor are impressive to engage the audience. 

Venky Atluri, who wrote the film in such a way that the audience was interested in it during the interval, carried the film in a gripping way even after the interval. Dhanush shows that Samudrinikhani goes to great lengths and makes many efforts to prevent children from being educated at all costs. 

Later, in the second half, Dhanush's attempt to teach them how to study, and the difficulty he faced, were also shown. Even though he is having a love affair with the heroine in the middle, he has a good heart without any hint of obscenity or indecency. Venky Atluri has managed to deal with the climax in such a way that all the audience comes out thinking.

Sir Movie Actors Performance:

When it comes to the actors, Dhanush, who played the role of Balagangadhar Tilak alias Balu in this movie, ran a kind of one-man show. There are many characters in the movie but the audience will fall in love with Balu's character. Dhanush tried to impress with his natural performance in that role. 

Samyukta Menon also tried her best to act in the role of Meenakshi. It is no exaggeration that she acted with her eyes in some scenes and songs. Malayalam actor Harish Paredy, Tamil actor Aadukalam Naren, Samudrakhani, Tanikella Bharani, Sai Kumar, Hyper Adi, and many other teenage actors have acted in their range in the film. It seems that no one's character has been brought and stuck in a very natural way.

Sir movie technical team:

When it comes to technical aspects, the film's director Venky Atluri's mark is seen throughout. The director has succeeded in conveying the point he wanted to make directly without any hint of obscenity or obscenity. The intelligence shown by him in some scenes seems to have been said by Abba Bhale. 

And his written words were thought-provoking. Venky Atluri's dialogues about caste discrimination and the importance of education are not reminiscent of Trivikram's writing style. And there is no doubt that the music provided by Jivi Prakash Kumar is an additional attraction of the movie. 

In particular, the song Masteraru Masteraru was as beautiful to watch as it was to listen to. The editing is also very crisp, apart from the small logics, the movie is interesting and keeps the audience engaged. The cinematography adds extra beauty to the movie, and what about the production values of Harika Hasini-Sitara companies?

In short, Dhanush's 'Sir' is a feel-good emotional thriller. It is a movie that is free of any indecency and obscenity and should be watched by the whole family.

Rating: 3/5

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