Unstoppable 2 NBK with Pawan Kalyan Episode 1 | First time in the country - Balayya and Pawan Kalyan episode creating new records!

Unstoppable NBK with Pawan Kalyan Movierulz,Unstoppable 2,Balakrishna,Pawan Kalyan,ibomma

Unstoppable NBK with Pawan Kalyan Epiaode: Pawan Kalyan's episode of Unstoppable with NBK will be streaming soon. Special screening arrangements are also being made in fan theaters for this episode. This is the first time in India that this has happened to a talk show episode. 'Aha' announced this through their social media accounts.

The screening will be held at Prasad Labs in Hyderabad. While the episode will be streamed at 9 pm, the fans started the celebrations in the evening. Prasad Labs also shared the visuals of Mungita Tapas exploding and buzzing on Aha's social media accounts.

The Pawan Kalyan episode will be released in two parts. The first episode will be streamed today. It is not yet known when the second part will be streamed. The second part is likely to stream on February 10th or February 17th on the occasion of Maha Shivratri. Aha also announced the length of the first episode. This episode is 75 minutes long. That means you can watch this episode for an hour and 15 minutes.

Unstoppable NBK with Pawan Kalyan Movierulz,Unstoppable 2,Balakrishna,Pawan Kalyan,ibomma

This episode also seemed to touch on some controversial topics. Pawan Kalyan's weddings and not being able to convert into votes despite having such a following are mentioned in the promo. Pawan did not fully answer when asked 'What happened to this wedding brawl'? Pawan also mentioned that he had suicidal thoughts. Even though you have a lot of fans in the state, why is that love not reflected in the form of votes?” asked Balayya.

Sai Dharam Tej also made an entry in this episode. Balakrishna saw Tej wearing a pancha and said, 'Emma... have you come to see the wedding? Look, they are here.' Tej said about Pawan Kalyan, 'He also taught us how to respect girls.' Balayya told Sai Dharam Tej, 'Slap your thigh and go away'. Then Tej went to Balakrishna and he said, 'Don't hit my thigh, I should hit your thigh.'

In the promo of this episode, Balakrishna imitated Bandla Ganesh's viral speech about Pawan by saying 'Ishwara... Pawaneshwara... Pavareshwara...' Balayya regularly says in Unstoppable 'I know you. Pawan Kalyan said my position is your mind.

In Gudumba Shankar's movie, you wore pants over pants. Balayya teased Pawan. After that Balayya showed the photo of the first time they met and said 'I was young then' meaning 'I am still the same now' and Pawan complimented him.

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