Rana Naidu 2023 Web Series: Netflix's New Series with Venkatsh and Rana Daggubati Review

Rana Naidu ibomma, Rana Naidu Web Series ibomma
Rana Naidu

Venkatesh and Rana are acting together in the web series 'Rana Naidu'. Both of them have not acted together in movies till now. But directly seen in the web series. And how is this 'Rana Naidu'?

Rana Naidu Web Series Story

Rana Naidu (Rana Daggubati) is a fixer who solves the problems of Bollywood celebrities in Mumbai. He is capable of doing any illegal work. Rana Naidu's father Naga Naidu (Venkatesh) is released after serving 15 years in Chanchalguda Jail. 

Naga Naidu and Rana do not like it at all. Rana has an elder brother named Tej Naidu (Sushant Singh) and a younger brother named Jaffa Naidu (Abhishek Banerjee). What are the problems in this family? Why is Naga Naidu in jail for 15 years? Watch Rana Naidu on Netflix to know all these things!

Rana Naidu ibomma, Rana Naidu Web Series ibomma
Rana Naidu

Rana Naidu Web Series Analysis

How is this series? Gripping? Before this, there is one thing to know. 'Rana Naidu' will definitely be a game changer web series in the history of the Telugu web series. Because this is the first time that big stars like Venkatesh and Rana are doing web series in Telugu. Plus it's not just a regular action, crime web series. 

Adult content and toys are also abundant in this series. So this series cannot be watched with family. Another thing to mention about this is that 'Rana Naidu' is not a Telugu web series. If you look at the lip sync, you will know that it was shot in Hindi and dubbed in Telugu.

The Hollywood series 'Rana Naidu' is an official remake of 'Ray Donovan'. Crime, action, mafia, and drug elements are added to the problems between family members. Like all series, it starts slowly. The screenplay becomes racy as the story progresses. The conflict between the family members has been written in an interesting and emotional way.

Especially the face off scenes between Rana and Venkatesh are emotional. The language and scenes in it may seem normal to those who watch English web series regularly, but for the general audience, they are a bit too intense. Of course, this was mentioned earlier in the promotions. Because of this, no matter how prepared we are, it takes a little time to process when we see them on the screen.

Rana Naidu ibomma, Rana Naidu Web Series ibomma

Each episode is around 50 minutes long. There are total of 10 such episodes. That is about 500 minutes long. But the story picks up pace after the initial episodes. So time passes without us knowing it. The way Tej Naidu and Jaffa Naidu's characters are portrayed is impressive. What is special about this story is that instead of revolving around only two characters, many characters are given great importance.

The directors Karan Anshuman and Suparn Varma have directed the series well. Background music by Sangeet and Siddharth is impressive. Especially the emotional scenes were taken to the next level by their music. Jayakrishna Gummadi's cinematography carries the mood of the scene. 

Netflix produced the series with no expense spared. It ended the first season giving a lead to the second season. Viewership is the measure of OTT success just like theatrical success is measured by revenue. Irrespective of the reviews, the audience is keen to see Venky and Rana in a new avatar, so there is a possibility of a second season too.

Rana Naidu Web Series Actors Performance

This is a completely new type of role for Venkatesh. So far Venkatesh means family hero, action hero, and comedy hero. But in this, we can see a completely new Venkatesh. As a playboy, Venkatesh has exploded as an actor in a role that shows negative shades. No matter how great a character is on the big screen, there are certain limitations. 

But as there are no such borders in OTTs, Venkatesh has brought out a new side of himself. Those who see Venkatesh as a complete family hero may not like Venky as Naga Naidu. But an actor should do all kinds of roles! Rana is not new to such roles. But the way this character behaves, and the language he speaks makes Rana look new. 

Ranane himself said that he had some trouble during dubbing. Abhishek Banerjee as Jaffa Naidu is a surprise package. He gave a good performance in the role of a man who was sexually assaulted as a child. There are many more main characters in the series. Surveen Chawla who played the role of Rana's wife, and Sushant Singh who played the role of Anna... all the actors acted well.

Overall... Rana Naidu is a must-watch if you want to watch a good web series this weekend. But it should be seen as a single.

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