Rangamarthanda ibomma | Rangamarthanda 2023 Telugu Movie Detailed Review

Rangamarthanda ibomma

Rangamarthanda Movie Review: Creative director Krishnavamshi's film 'Rangamarthanda' was made after a long time. Krishnavamshi has stayed away from remakes since the beginning. The Malayalam remake of 'Chandralekha' which was made sometime back may be the reason for that. During this period, he remade the Marathi film 'Natasamrat' as 'Rangamarthanda' in Telugu. 

This film, which has been on the sets for a long time, has now come forward as a gift to the public. A positive buzz has been created on 'Rangamarthanda' before its release with the opinions expressed by many celebrities who have watched the previews of this movie for the past week.

Rangamarthanda Movie Story:

It is not a drama film as many people think. The story of Raghavrao (Prakash Raj), a stage artist. The story tells how Raghava Rao, who has played diverse roles as an actor on stage, got confused about playing a real-life role and what was the consequence. The film tells the story of a man who has played various roles and played them brilliantly for decades... If he fails to play original roles as a husband and a father, this film tells the story of his life. 

The chasms created due to the gap between generations, being stuck without being able to cross them... these are the things in this movie. Although it is the life of a stage artist named Raghava Rao shown on the screen, it is the story of an average father, a man who is devoted to family values and his mother's language. In fact, there have been many movies with similar storylines.

Rangamarthanda ibomma

But its specialty is that the director tells the human values he wants to convey in the background of the life of a theater artist. Raghavrao and his friend Chakrapani (Brahmanandam) have shown how an artist who played Ariweera's terrible characters on stage as Awali, cannot compromise when faced with difficulties in real life and turns into a bully. 

A wife who follows in her husband's footsteps; A father who trusts his children and makes his own decisions; Cats who are afraid that the stupidity of adults will hinder their career... If you look at them... it seems that they are the sad people in our house and surroundings. There are no negative characters in this movie. All are positive characters. 

Thinking from their point of view, what they did seems to be right. But wisdom lies in recognizing the thin dividing line between good and evil. It is sad that even Raghavrao, who has such knowledge, is the target of the attack!

Rangamarthanda Movie Actors Performance:

National best actor Prakash Raj as 'Rangamarthanda' Raghava Rao has shown the universality of the actor. I can't imagine anyone else in that role except him. It is not known whether Krishnavanshi took the remake rights of 'Natasamrat' for Prakash Raj. Ramya Krishna's performance as his wife is amazing. 

Rangamarthanda ibomma

That role became the definition of the word Arthangi by being a bitter advocate for the husband. Adarsh Balakrishna as their son and Anasuya as their daughter-in-law. Both of them have done good justice to the roles. Rahul Sipliganj and Sivatmika Sahaja performed as son-in-law and daughter. 

Other roles were played by Jayalalithaa, Ali Raza, Bharani, ETV Prabhakar, Kashi Vishwanath, Sana, Vizag Satyanand, Bhadram, and others. What is special is that all of them have played roles that are close to their image and have impressed. But the role of Chakrapani played by Brahmanandam is completely different. 

The image that Brahmanandam has created so far with his humor in more than a thousand movies is different... the image that he will create with the movie now is different. Another side of him as an actor has been effectively unveiled on screen by Krishnavamsi. 

Even though Brahmanandam appeared in three or four scenes in the movie, he was mesmerized and brought tears to his eyes with his performance. The relationship between Brahmanandam and his wife should have been shown more strongly. Then the audience will connect with the pain of the character Talu.

Along with the actors, the technicians also took this movie to a higher level! Especially Ilayaraja's voices were the lifeblood of the movie. Swargiya 'Sirivennela' was sung by Ilayaraja as well as the soulful song written by Sitarama Shastri. It comes as a background song in key scenes of the movie. 

Another plus point is the singing of Lakshmi Bhupala's Shayari with Chiranjeevi as 'Neno Natudni' at the start of the film. Two more songs were written by Kasarla Shyam and Vijay Kumar. All the songs are great. Akella Sivaprasad wrote journalistic, meaningful, and thought-provoking dialogues. 

It can be said that this movie produced by Kalepu Madhu and Venkata Reddy has been directed by Krishna Vamsi, subject to his limitations! But because of the publicity that took place before the release of this movie, the expectations have increased. Those who went to the theater keeping them in mind did not have the opportunity to feel 'what is not so much'.

Plus points

  • Actors acting
  • Work of technicians
  • Krishnavamsi's directorial talent

Minus points

  • The length of the movie
  • Construction values

Tag line: Krishnavanshi is back!

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