Meter ibomma | Kiran Abbavaram's 'Meter' Telugu Movie Detailed Review

Meter ibomma

Meter Movie Review: Hero Kiran Abbavaram's latest movie is "Meter". This movie directed by Ramesh Kaduri released today. And let's go to the review and find out how much this film has pleased the audience.

Meter Movie Plot:

Arjun Kalyan's (Kiran Abbavaram) father is a sincere policeman. However, because of that honesty, he saw the hardships and insults his father faced from a young age. Arjun Kalyan has to become a policeman for his father's wish. In the background of the dramatic developments in this sequence, how did Arjun Kalyan do a job he didn't like? What happened due to his negligent job?, How did Atulya fall in love with Ravi? Is it there? is it gone? and what has changed in Arjun Kalyan in the final? Maraka what has he done? That is the rest of the story.


Meter Movie Plus Points:

This film is different from Kiran Abbavaram's previous films. This movie, which was opened with the point of how it would be if a boy who was having fun doing a job he didn't like, turned into a strong ambition and became a really powerful police under the influence of a painful incident in his life... One or two scenes are not a problem. As a policeman, Kiran Abbavaram did justice to his role with a settled performance. Otherwise, it would have been better to reduce the over-action moments.

Meter ibomma

Atulya Ravi who played the role of the heroine also acted very well. Along with acting, she looks beautiful and impresses. Saptagiri's role is limited to a supporting role only. But as far as the scope of his role is concerned, Saptagiri has acted well. Actor Dhanush Pawan, who appeared in the lead role as the villain, was impressed with his performance. Along with Posani Krishna Murali, the rest of the actors also acted well in the scope of their roles.

Meter Movie Minus Points:

Interesting content is missing in the stories written by director Ramesh Kaduri. In addition to this, all the key scenes in the movie were completely silly and cinematic. No scene feels strongly in Valve. Except for one or two scenes in the first half, the rest of the scenes are not that impressive. Moreover, there is over buildup in many scenes and action scenes which are not necessary for the story.

Due to Kiran Abbavaran's focus on the action, the build-up shots were forced into many scenes. Due to the increase in drama in the story, naturalness is lacking to a large extent. Also, the treatment and screenplay are not impressive. Especially the play was very routine. Action scenes are more than necessary. Some scenes are already understood.

Moreover, creating scenes that are not necessary for the story for some action scenes is another minus point of the movie. On the whole, the director himself could not elevate the content he thought to be interesting on the screen. Overall, this movie is slow-moving and boring.

Meter Movierulz

Meter Movie Technical Department:

When it comes to the technical department.. As mentioned earlier, the director Ramesh Kaduri has not written the stories in an impressive manner. And Venkat C Dileep's cinematography is good. Music director Sai Karthik's background score is good but the songs are not very impressive. Editing by Karthik Srinivas is good. The production values are done by producers Chiranjeevi (Cherry) and Hemalatha Pedamallu is good.


In this film called Meter, which is an action drama, one or two emotional scenes do not matter. However, there are many silly scenes with no logic, unimpressive treatment, and screenplay, and above all the routine content and unnecessary action scenes in the movie are very boring. Overall this film does not connect with the audience.

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