Ugram 2023 Telugu Movie Review strring Allari Naresh, Mernaa Menon and Directed by Vijay Kanakamedala

Ugram ibomma

Ugram Movie Review: It is known that Allari Naresh, who gained a good name as a comedy hero, has now changed his route and is doing serious genre films with content. With the movie 'Nandi', director Vijay Kanakamedhala showed Allari Naresh in a new way, and the movie became a big commercial success as the audience also became a target of thrill. 

Now again he tried to show Allari Naresh in an angry form. From the teaser and the trailer itself, this film seems to be a thriller genre film with good intensity. The audience was shocked to see Allari Naresh in the action scenes. Today this film has been released worldwide. Now let's see in this review whether this movie met the expectations of the audience or not.

Ugram Movie Story:

CI Siva Kumar is an honest powerful police officer in Warangal city. He solves any difficult case very easily. Aparna (Mirna Menon) enters Shiva Kumar's life. Shiva falls in love with her at first sight, and Aparna also loves Shiva. She opposes her father and marries Shiva. Thus she continues a very happy married life with Shiva for 5 years and gives birth to a child. 

But one day, while going out with Shiva, an accident happens to the whole family. In this accident, Shiva loses his memory, and his wife and child go missing. Not only his wife and child, but many people in the city also go missing. What are the challenges faced by Shiva in the process of finding them and bringing them back?

Ugram ibomma

Ugram Movie Analysis:

Director Vijay Kanakamedhala has made sure that the movie is interesting from the very beginning. But such movies should not be added with emotions and shouts. The screenplay should be written so that the flow continues. Even if it is not necessary for cinematic freedom, if commercial elements are added, the content of the movie will be damaged. This is the mistake made by Director Vijay. 

In the past, he made this film with Allari Naresh, 'Nandi', taking into consideration similar aspects and shooting this film very carefully. The result was also amazing. The storyline is very good, and some scenes are thrilling, but the film would have been different if cinematic liberty had been taken aside.

Allari Naresh as an ACP Sivakumar does a great job and it must be said that he shows his universal form in the action sequences. But his looks are not right in some shots. The fights are very well done, everyone must feel while watching this movie whether the original Allari Naresh has so much mass. 

He did it in that range and Mirna Menon who played the heroine also seemed to be okay. The cinematography is good and Sunshine company also made this movie without compromising on the quality. If the excessive fight scenes and unnecessary sentimental scenes were removed, this movie would have been a big blockbuster in the summer.

ugram ibomma

Ugram Movie Actors Performance:

Allari Naresh entertained the audience in police roles. His transformation for the film is impressive. No one remembers his comedy angle of him when he is convinced and acted in this role. Allari Naresh's body language and expressions are very good in this. Amapuna acted well as Naresh's wife. It can be said that Indraja in the role of the doctor is also impressed by the other actors.

Last word:

On the whole 'Ugram' can be said to be an average cop thriller. You can see once for Allari Naresh.

Rating: 2.5/5

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