Jawan ibomma - Jawan 2023 Telugu Dubbed Movie Review

Jawan Movie Review

Rating: 3/5

Starring: Shah Rukh Khan, Nayantara, Vijay Sethupathi, Priyamani, Sanya Malhotra, Deepika Padukone, Yogi Babu and others.

Screenplay: Atlee, S.Ramanagiri Vasan

Cinematography: GK Vishnu

Music: Anirudh Ravichander

Producers: Gauri Khan, Gaurav Verma

Directed by: Atlee

Release Date: September 7, 2023

Jawan Movie Review: King Khan Shah Rukh hit the Hindi industry with 'Pathan' earlier this year. Soon, he will be back in front of the audience with 'Jawan' within eight months. Jawan is releasing with more expectations than 'Pathan'. Atlee's directorial debut and Anirudh's music have increased the expectations of the film. Trade experts also predict that 'Jawan' will earn more than 'Pathan'. And how is this movie?

Jawan Movie Story

An unknown man (Shah Rukh Khan) falls into a river near a village on the India-China border. The people of the village treated him with a big blow to the head and full of bullets and he survived. He will save the village when there is a problem. But he forgets his past. After 30 years he hijacks a metro train with six girls (Priyamani, Sanya Malhotra's gang). 

He announces to everyone that his name is Vikram Rathore. Narmada (Nayanthara) comes on behalf of the government to talk to the hijackers. Alia (Ashlesha Thakur), daughter of prominent businessman and arms dealer Kali Gaikwad (Vijay Sethupathi) also lives in the same metro. 

With this, Vikram Rathore will pay the amount of Rs.40 thousand crores asked by Kali himself. Who is the real Vikram? What does he have to do with Kali Gaikwad? What is the role of Jailer Azad (another Shah Rukh Khan) in this story? You have to watch this movie to know that.

Jawan Movie Analysis

'Jawan' gets off to a very interesting start. A man who can face even an army is in a village forgetting his past, a metro train hijack after 30 years... Director Atlee started the film interestingly. A crucial twist that is revealed after the first half hour is shocking. Everything in the first half was very racy and fast. And the interval episode is sure to give goosebumps. Another twist is also revealed here.

Vikram Rathore's flashback in the second half gets emotional. The investigation scene where Shahrukh Khan and Vijay Sethupathi come face to face for the first time is emotional. But this flashback episode seems to wrap it up. After the flashback ends the story moves very fast. From there, the movie ends in two action blocks. A Bollywood star cameo and the subsequent twists seem to be inserted even if there is no space in the story.

'Jawan' will give Shah Rukh Khan fans goosebumps. There is no doubt about that. Seeing a Bollywood star in a South Indian mass entertainer will definitely be new to the audience there. In fact, Shahrukh's target is the same as this movie. Atlee did 100 percent justice to that. The placement of songs hinders the story. 

The songs rendered by Anirudh Ravichander are soso. The picturization of the 'Chalona' song is good. The background score alone gives goosebumps. GK Vishnu's cinematography is impressive. Some of the camera moments feel very new. The production values are very rich.

Jawan Movie Actors Performance

Shah Rukh Khan appeared in both the roles of Vikram Rathore and Azad. Especially Vikram Rathore in his role gave goosebumps to the audience by appearing with a lot of mass and swag. Nayanthara got a full-scale action role for the first time in her career. The stunts in an action episode in the first half are also done brilliantly. 

We have seen Vijay Sethupathi in the role of a villain in the past. Vijay Sethupathi impresses by appearing in a slightly aged role. He is likely to get more villainous roles in Bollywood. The six people in the Priyamani and Sanya Malhotra gang have a good scope in the story. There is good emotion in their stories. They all cultivated it well. Telugu YouTube influencer and Bigg Boss fame Siri Hanuman will be seen in a small role.

Overall... 'Jawan' is a must-watch for Shah Rukh Khan fans. Shah Rukh hasn't appeared in a commercial film of this level recently. The general audience will also like this movie. Bollywood almost got another Rs 1000 crore grosser.

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